The Lola Corner Sleeper Couch transforms into a comfortable bed fast and effectively, there you don’t even have to remove the cushions. Moving away from the definition of single purpose units, modern furniture have evolved into multi-talent transformers that can save a lot of space by serving multiple functions. A perfect example is the smart and stylish Lola Corner Sleeper Couch. The Lola sleeper does away with the conventional approach of using metal joints and complicated mechanisms. It transforms into a solid double bed with one move, simply by rotating one of the large main cushions next to the other main cushion.

As an extra bonus the bed comes equipped with a practical built-in side table, for the comfort of your guests. Valuable space saver for studios and smaller places, or even a flexible bed for those long nights in the office. The simplicity of the design is the key to success, the absence of moving parts guarantees longevity, while retaining an edgy modern feel. Lola Corner Sleeper Couch is great for you and your guests.

  • Fast and effectively
  • Hardwood Frame
  • Colour options available
  • Double bed in seconds
  • Black, Grey & Brown available