The Solare Wall Unit is ideal for you looking for elegance and modernity for your living room; produced 100% in MDF, the material of excellent quality and that makes the finish superior. Features such as the mirror tower with glass shelves and the slatted parts of the panel, add refinement and sophistication to your environment. In addition, it also has two LED strips illuminating the slatted parts of the panel, bringing even more elegance to this beautiful furniture, which supports TV up to 60 inches. The mirrored front drawer has telescopic slides, which ensure smooth and quiet sliding, you will have space for the organization of the most diverse objects.

Next to the drawer, you will find spaces for your appliances, within the extensive central niche. One point that is very innovative in this product is its large up-and-over door, covering practically the entire lower section of Home, with several internal dividers for you to organize your objects. This door also has central machining, which allows you to see the niche where the appliances and the mirrored drawer are located. All of these niche elements and up-and-over door are suspended on a 45mm thickened base, which gives great strength and robustness to this product. The Lumus Home has fixed chrome feet that guarantee the stability of the furniture and facilitate the cleaning of your living room.

  • 100% MDF
  • Slatted panel with 2 Led strips
  • Supports Tv and up to 60 inches
  • Thickened base with 45 mm
  • Machined door with gas piston
  • Drawer with a metal slide and mirror Up-and-over door
  • Tower with 4 mirrors and 3 glass shelves
  • Dimensions:
    Height 190 cm
    Width 210 cm
    Depth 44.8 cm
    Weight 128.20